Payment methods

Payment for your order can be made in one of the following ways:

Cash on delivery: Payment is made upon receipt of your order at your location (valid for all of Greece).

Payment by credit card.

Bank account deposit (transfer): You deposit the amount of the order in one of the cooperating banks and we send you your order.

Pickup from the store: You can pay for your order when you pick it up from our store.

Note: According to the tax provisions in force, from 01.01.2014 documents worth more than €1,500 to individuals and documents worth more than €500 to professionals/businesses should be paid ONLY in the following ways:

  1. Deposit/transfer to a bank account
  2. Charge to credit or debit card

Cooperating banks :

  1. Piraeus Bank - IBAN: GR 2001711090006109145509291

Send us the copy of the bank payment order by fax to - or by email to and we will ship your order.